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                   Mr. Mu Xin said in the poem "The Book of Objects" that "he gave him a suitable position, and he rejuvenated; he changed him to a more appropriate position, and the more he expressed Mu Mu," and singled out the screen. It seems that A few simple lines, put it here, but it has a magical finishing touch. Use minimal lines to create a sense of space. Intertwined with light, the space becomes agile.




           The simpler and harder it is. If the first few paragraphs represent fresh, then these paragraphs represent calm. Black and white gray minimalist, minimalist to no extra lines can be erased. Its more like a mans single apartment in a suit and suit. The screen highlights his taste and his ultimate life.



               Beauty is usually unpredictable. I often wondered how the designer was hit by his head and only had it. When I first met it, I was very happy. I stood here and lived off a piece of art. The texture of the metal passes through the texture of the stone and splices into a natural picture, more like the strokes of the sea. If you put it in any corner, you can create a landscape. Just like Haizi said, I want a house that faces the sea and blooms in spring.


                No matter what style your home is, the screen is the bone of this space. It is an eternal interior decoration that makes warm beauty possible.



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